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Since 2015, we have awarded scholarships each summer to deserving children so they can experience all of the fun, excitement and camaraderie that all of us were lucky enough to enjoy.  With a donation of $1,000 we are able to send one child to camp for the second session, and our goal is to offer 10 scholarships in 2019. Scholarships are award-based on the below criterion.  

If you are interested in making a donation to support these scholarships please either contact us at or donate at the below link. We are a registered 501c3a organization and donations are tax deductible.


Magic in the Trees Foundation Scholarship Program

WHAT:             As part of Robin Hood’s giving back mission, each year young deserving campers ages 8-12 are selected to attend the second session of camp at no cost. 

WHO:               Scholarships are awarded based on need.  This may include those with personal hardships, family challenges, health issues/disabilities, and children from military families. See below for more specific screening criteria and the application.

HOW:               Camp alumni are encouraged to identify and recommend potential scholarship candidates, who are required to fill out an application and encouraged to submit it by April 1.  A review committee comprised of The Magic In The Trees Foundation Board of Directors (Emily Schorr, Andrew Arnot, Duncan Mendelson, and Eli Fuchsberg), Richard Woodstein and John Flaschner consider all applicants and select the most deserving and viable candidates to participate.  Scholarships cover the cost of camp, excursion fees and logo’d apparel, but do not cover transportation costs to and from camp.

SPONSORS: In addition to fundraisers and individual donors, the Magic in the Trees Foundation try to secure sponsors to cover the cost of attendance for each camper ($1,000 per camper). Sponsors may be individuals, companies, camp alumni or non-profit organizations. Sponsorships may be split among multiple entities if desired.


-       Age:

Requirement: Under 15 years old

Preference: 10-12 years old

-       Background:

Requirement: Children whom do not otherwise have an opportunity to attend sleepaway summer camp

Preference: Endorsed by third-party organization/personnel

-        Family Situation:

Preference given to families with extenuating circumstances: e.g. single parent, low-income, military

-        Positive Experience

Preference: It is important to us that our scholars have a positive experience at camp.  As such, it is helpful for us to better understand why our potential scholars are well-suited for sleepaway camp.  


-       Applicant name and information (sex, age, grade)

-       Guardian information (name, contact information – email, phone, address)

-       Why you/your applicant are interested in sleepaway camp?

-       Why you believe you/your applicant should be selected for the scholarship?

-        Please take a moment to elaborate on any information you think should be taken under consideration (e.g. family situation, behavior with other children, ability to adjust to a new setting, comfort being away from home, etc.)